Oklahoma uncontested divorce

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Process

An uncontested divorce in Oklahoma is started by filing a petition for divorce in the distict court. If there are no minor children your uncontested divorce can be finalized after 10 days have passed from the ate of filing your divorce. After the 10 day waiting period has passed you can aplear in court with the waiver signed by your spouse and the divorce can be finalized. Most individuals make only two trips to their courthouse and it's over.

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The uncontested divorce process with children

If there are minor children the process for getting an uncontested divorce is started by filing your divorce petition in court. There is also a martial settlement agreement included which disposed of the issues of child custody, health insurance, and child support. The 90-day waiting period for divorces with children can be waived if both parties agree. After completion of the divorce parenting class your Oklahoma uncontested divorce with children can be finalized. Divorces with minor children can also be finalized quickly if all your paperwork is in order and you have all the proper waiver forms.

Oklahoma uncontested divorce
uncontested divorce

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