Oklahoma uncontested divorce

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers?

You still may be able to finalize an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce even if your spouse refuses to sign the papers. You can simply have your spouse legally served with the divorce. After being served your spouse will have twenty-days to respond in writing or through an attorney. If your spouse refuses to file a response the divorce can be finalized by a default judgment without your spouse's signature. Call and ask us about our service divorce package today! 1-800-503-5919

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What if I cannot locate my spouse and/or what if my spouse is avoiding being served with divorce papers?

If you cannot locate your spouse, or if your spouse is avoiding service, you can still easily finalize your Oklahoma divorce. You can serve your spouse with divorce papers by publishing a legal notice in your local newspaper. After the legal notice has ran three times in the newspaper, your spouse is considered served and the divorce can be finalized. For more information call and ask us about the Publication Divorce Package. 1-800-503-5919.

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How do I get a divorce from a spouse that is incarcerated?

It is fairly easy to get a divorce if your spouse is incarcerated in a jail or prison. Even if your incarcerated spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, you can obtain a default judgment for divorce by using our service divorce package. Spouses that are incarcerated are usually unable to hire a lawyer to try and contest the divorce. If your spouse is incarcerated call and ask us about the service divorce package

Can we do same sex divorces?

We have a vast amount of experience in preparing divorce papers for same sex couples. Our staff of friends divorce specialists will work directly with you to ensure that your same sex divorce papers are prepared properly. For more information about a same sex divorce in Oklahoma call us today!

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Are there any hidden costs?

The only other fee you should have to pay is your filing fee. The fee for filing a divorce in Oklahoma is about $240. Your total cost for a divorce without kids using our service is about $400. This includes our fee and the filing fee. If your divorce includes minor children your total cost will be around $500. If you are unemployed or on a fixed income you may avoid having to pay the filing fee. To find out how call us today!

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