Divorce by Publication in Oklahoma

A divorce by publication in Oklahoma is used in circumstances where the defendant (or non-filing spouse) can't be located, or a valid address can't be obtained. It can also be used in circumstances where the defendant is avoiding being served with divorce papers because he or she is wanted by authorities.

A divorce by publication in Oklahoma can take anywhere from 3-6 months to finalize. To serve a spouse by publication the plaintiff must first obtain permission by a judge. Most courts require the plaintiff to attempt service upon the defendant at his or her last known address before being allowed to serve by publication. The plaintiff must submit a “Motion to Allow Service by Publication” to the court for approval by a judge.

After the court approves the motion, the plaintiff can then have a legal notice published in any local publication, such as a local newspaper. The legal notice must run three consecutive times in the publication. In a newspaper, legal notices are usually published once a week, on Sundays. After the legal notice has been published three consecutive times, the publication agency will give you a document verifying that the legal notice has ran its course in the newspaper. This document is then provided to the court, and the divorce is then finalized. Publishing the legal notice in local newspaper can cost anywhere from $30-60.

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